16 | Looking asian

Let me tell you something. If you have an asian skin complexion and slanted dark eyes  then my dear friends you will not receive any of the western privileges. One of them being if you are a westerner (or look like one) you will surely grab a lot of attention towards you. You will get bombarded by Chinese people taking pictures of you everywhere you go in public. They will literally just come up to you and take a snap. Some are nice and will ask politely but some just don’t care. You will feel like a celebrity, at least thats what I hear from others. I didn’t get that. Unfortunately for me I am asian, I mean, I literally got mistaken as a local Chinese person countless times. I just blend in so easily. People would just talk to me in mandarin and I would just give them a blank face. But eventually I learnt and started saying “Wǒ bùshì zhōngguó rén”. It means “I am not chinese”. Trust me, I must have probably said that sentence a thousand times.


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