15 | Culture Classes

The cultural classes would happen straight after our mandarin language class. Throughout the four weeks we had all sorts of different classes about chinese culture. It was a really fun and exciting experience to learn how different it was compared to the western lifestyle. For one of the cultural classes, we had an awesome opportunity to watch, play and learn about few of the chinese instruments (chinese flute, guitar etc). For example on music day, the students gave us a brief explanation about each of them and also demonstration of the musical instrument by performing a song for us. We would then be able to play it as well and give it a try. Each day there would be different students introducing and teaching us about specific culture in China. There were painting class, calligraphy class, business etiquette in china, table manners, Kong fu etc. They would also teach us or advise us about the way you communicate with people in China. THE SLANGS. Apparently, it comes across as sarcastic in China if you send a smiley emoji to another person 🙂 . LOL –>is–> 233. In China everyone, I mean literally EVERYONE uses “WECHAT” therefore it is important to understand the ways while you are here. Also, another thing I found out, if you are travelling in China you will notice that Chinese people (particularly men) don’t wear green hat because it is apparently an expression used when a woman cheats on her husband/BF because the phrase “wearing green hat” sounds similar to the word cuckold. 233


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