13 | Lin Hai (林 海)

Lin Hai or Lin Sa?
Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 4.42.03 PM
Lin Hai in chinese characters

Forget Sagar, call me Lin Hai from here onwards. I got given my chinese name because why not? It’s cool and I can now brag about having a chinese name when I go back. It was our teaching assistants who translated our names to chinese; giving two options. As for me, I got given “Lin Hai” or “Lin Sa”. I decided to go with Lin Hai. Sounds cooler. In western culture, when you say your name you start of with your forename and followed by your surname. However, people here place their surname first, followed by their given names. So the meaning? I am not sure the reason behind picking the name “Lin” but it means forest in mandarin. Never got around asking why. Apparently, the name “Lin” is quite a popular name here. Hm. As for my given name, they found out that my name “Sagar” means ocean after researching. Therefore, the word for ocean is “Hai”. So yeah. Lin Hai (林 海) 


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