6 | Survive here

Okay. These are the essentials you need, I repeat, NEED to survive in this place in my opinion, in no particular order. 


1st: Water – Trust me the amount of water you will consume here is a ridiculous amount. You will literally won’t leave your room without at least a full bottle of water. Especially, during the day time when the scorching sun is shinning upon you and burning your soul (just kidding, its not that hot). You absolutely cannot drink tap water here like back home, unless you want fancy getting ill. Therefore, you have to depend on bottle water which is highly recommended. 


2nd: Air condition – The room itself will start heating up if you do not have the air condition turned on while you are inside. Also, the best advice would be to close the door/windows to prevent heat coming in from the outside. I ended up leaving the balcony door open the first night and ended up sweating the whole night. Never making that mistake again.


3rd: Umbrella/Sunscreen – Literally, everywhere I go I see people with umbrellas in their hand and yes it helps big time in a place like this. Also, sunscreen. If you want to avoid getting sunburn I would highly recommend applying some if you don’t want to look like a roasted potato..

I will make sure to update in future blog detailing other essentials. Be on a look out.


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