5 | The Internet


Before unpacking, of course the main priority for (moi) was the internet. I had to buy an ethernet cable to connect in order to have access to the internet. After few troubles of trying to figure out a way to connect WIFI, I managed to successfully connect it. The Pre-paid sim has limited data which I prefer not to waste and use it only when necessary. Of course I had to take VPN (Virtual Private Network) in a place like China where Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat are absolutely banned from using. I don’t know how I would survive. They have literally become a part of my life now. Once, before I came here I was planning to go without using them for the duration. But, I thought..nah..cant do it. My inner will power is not that strong enough to withstand the desire to login and scroll away. The internet speed is..ehh..okay. Even though I wish it was fast (like back home). After sorting out the internet and dinner, then came the process of unpacking, calling back home (tell them I am alive) and try to get a good night sleep for an eventful day tomorrow and prepare for the further days to come.


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