12 | Time for class

Teacher (laoshi) going over the different tones
Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 4.41.07 PM
Class activity

The beginning of the language class. As of today (10 July) onwards, myself and 14 other interns from the UK will be attending Chinese mandarin class and taking part in a cultural activities on a daily basis (except the weekends). This is a part of the internship programme organised by InternChina which involves 3 weeks of learning basic level 1 mandarin, followed straight by an assessment called HSK level 1 at the university. It entails two parts; listening and reading. After language course, we will move onto the internship part of the program at our chosen company. For majority of us, we have literally no idea how we will get through these few weeks due to our very limited chinese vocabulary skills. Especially for me, because as of this moment all I can really say is “Ni hao (你好)” and “Xie Xie (谢谢)” which is very appalling and worrying. I am literally so terrible at learning language. But trust me, by the end of this course I will have learnt at least another 5 words. LOL


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